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Help: pico drummer control not working - installation flawed?

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written by: patlev007

it seem that i have the same problem?

written by: rusp

Sat, 22 Dec 2012 12:59:05 +0000 GMT


I am installing the pico on another pc and have trouble with the drummer control.

While the metronom works, all other keys (drummer voice, drummer voice loop browser) glow orange and don't change colour when pressed.
The eigenbrowser shows only "toplevel>CamelAudio>Alchemy".
Stage seems to work.
Alchemy seems to work.
Other sounds (piano, synth pad, cello...) seem to work.
Drummer Control has worked before on a previous version on windows xp, so it should not be an hardware issue.

I think the installation went wrong, but after several hours of trying I am left without a clue. I searched in the tutorials and the forum for a complete comprehensive guide to installation but did not find one.

Here's what and how I installed - maybe there is a mistake I failed to

System information:
OS: Windows 7 64 bit: yes
CPU: GenuineIntel, Cores: 4, Speed: 3285 MHz
Memory: 8105 MB
Version: 1.4.12-stable
I have loaded the factory standard setup for the pico.

0) uninstall previous installation

1) execute "EigenD_Resources_1.0.0.exe", which creates a folder with in ~\eigenlabs\EigenD Resources 1.0.0, including another EigenD-Resources-1.0.0.exe and a Resources folder with a windows manifest and zipped folders.

2) execute the EigenD-Resources-1.0.0.exe

3) execute the EigenD-Drivers-1.08; rerun dpinst to be sure; the driver is then correctly recognized (doing the 1.4 update before the driver 1.08 installation did result in an usb-error-message)

4) execute EigenD-update-1.4.12-stable

5) starting EigenD, a runtime error occured; setting the exe to start with administrator rights helped

6) loading EigenD and pico setup, an error occured, stating it could not load some of the soundfonts (e.g. synth pad, bass, black grand medium); unzipping the ressource files (soundfont, icons, ...) and moving them in the ~\eigenlabs directory helped (or at least the error message is gone)

On a sidenote, starting the original EigenDWindows Installer (dating to november 2010) results in an NSIS error message (failed integrity check).

I would be grateful for some clues or hints how to procede.
kind regards

written by: john

Sat, 22 Dec 2012 13:16:19 +0000 GMT

Hi Rusp

It sounds very much like you have some kind of file permissions problem. Permissions and installation security in general have given us quite a bit of trouble over the last couple of years and the installers in the latest releases are somewhat changed from the old versions to accomodate some of these issues.

1.4.12 isn't a supported version of EigenD any longer, it's pretty old (development and maintenance stopped for it in mid 2011) and there have been quite a few changes in the installers from 1.4. I would advise that you try 2.0 first. If you do install 2.0 and experience problems (which is possible if somehow permissions on the new PC are broken in some way), please use the bug reporter to send us a diagnostic and we'll look into it as soon as the software team are back in the New Year (we're all off on holiday for a couple of weeks now). The bug reporter will send us a whole load of useful information that will help track down your problem.


written by: patlev007

Fri, 6 Dec 2013 03:14:28 +0000 GMT

it seem that i have the same problem?

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