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Tau: Black Tau For Sale - Located in the US

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written by: carvingCode

The Tau has been sold.

written by: carvingCode

Sun, 20 Oct 2013 02:57:57 +0100 BST

Black Tau For Sale - Located in the US
Price: $2200 firm.  I will pay shipping and insurance to
your location in the lower 48 states.  Other locations will
require additional shipping/insurance charge.  Payment by
Paypal only.


- all items listed on the current Products page (minus
warranty as this is a used instrument), plus over $500 (US)
in additional items:

-- leather strap ($220)
-- black breath pipe and additional mouthpieces ($80)
-- Tau adjustable floor peg ($280)
a must for proper height while seated

All extras are by Eigenlabs and some, like the leather strap
and floor peg are no longer available.

The instrument and its accessories are all in great
condition and have been well cared for.

A new Tau costs over $2500 (US). Add in the extras included here
and the cost would be well over $3000 (US). Plus shipping and insurance.

NOTE: As with new or used, you will need to download software from
Eigenlabs and install on your computer. v1.4x is free. v2.x can be
purchased from Eigenlabs. (You are saving more than enough
by purchasing this used Tau to purchase the v2 Pro version of
the software.)

If interested, contact me directly at:

carvingcode (at) gmail (dot) com

I can forward pictures and will be happy to answer any questions.

Randy Brown

PS: The reason I am selling is that I need a PA system. I have a
Alpha and a Pico, so am not getting out of the Eigenharp. These are great instruments.

written by: carvingCode

Fri, 25 Oct 2013 20:55:16 +0100 BST

The Tau has been sold.

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