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Tutorials: Tutorial: How to align the audio with video

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written by: Tenebrous

Just a minor note, but with EigenD 1.1.4, the application you have to hijack is simply EigenD :)

written by: geert

Thu, 25 Feb 2010 16:33:31 +0000 GMT

Following my previous tutorial about how to directly record EigenD's output through Soundflower, this tutorial shows you how to combine this recording with the corresponding video, using iMovie.

This should allow anyone to prepare a good quality submission for the Alpha competition.

written by: Tenebrous

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 17:19:42 +0000 GMT

I've been having problems with Soundflower slowly going out of sync so had a look for an alternative.

I'm now using Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack Pro to directly capture the output from EigenHost without using a seperate audio rerouter like Soundflower (although note that AHP isn't free, but $32 seemed pretty low for what it does).

The thing I really like about it is that you can leave it recording *all the time*. It doesn't record silence, and automatically starts a new MP3 file when silence is detected. This is great for me because it means I don't have to remember to do anything to record. Both EigenD and AHP start on logon. After that, anything I play on the Pico is recorded automatically. If I stop playing for a bit then start again later on, it starts a new MP3.

Note that in Audio Hijack Pro the application you need to 'hijack' the audio from is 'EigenHost', and if you want EigenD and AHP to start up at login, you need to delay AHP by 30 seconds or so by using Automator.

written by: Lowdene

Fri, 2 Apr 2010 13:47:56 +0100 BST

I tried this software with the Pico and agree that is a great way of recording as you randomly noodle on the instrument. Oddly I can't get it to work on the Alpha. It doesn't seem to 'hijack' 'EigenHost' as it does with the Pico. Anyone in Support know why there might be a difference between the two instruments?

written by: Lowdene

Mon, 5 Apr 2010 07:19:28 +0100 BST

Got it. Nothing to to with the Eigenharps. I use the Alpha with a MOTU 828 and the Main Outs are channels 9 and 10 and this needs to be set in the advanced settings for EigenHost hijacking in Audio Hijack. Works like a dream - this is a really nice piece of software for simple recording.

written by: Tenebrous

Sat, 8 May 2010 12:08:33 +0100 BST

Just a minor note, but with EigenD 1.1.4, the application you have to hijack is simply EigenD :)

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