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Software: Propellerhead ReWire Support

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written by: carvingCode

Rewire capability may be an appropriate substitute for AUs on Windows.

written by: karmacoma

Thu, 2 Sep 2010 12:22:37 +0100 BST


Up until now, I have been using Cycling74's Soundflower application to record my Eigenharp Pico performances. Which works fine for simple recording purposes.

My DAW of choice is currently Ableton Live, and I have recently purchased Reason 5 to complement my setup. Very nice piece of software!

One of the features that has really struck me, is the built-in ReWire functionality. Amongst other things, it allows me to route individual mixer channels from Reason as separate audio tracks into Ableton Live.

As an avid Pico player, I immediately thought: Eigen-D could do with this level of DAW integration!

It would be great if you could route your Drum loop, Clarinet, Piano, Bass, and Alchemy performances as separate audio tracks into a ReWire capable application such as: Ableton Live, Cockos Reaper, Apple Logic.

For those interested, more information on the protocol is available here.

So my question is, are we likely so see this feature any time soon?

Regards, Oliver.

written by: matspan

Thu, 9 Sep 2010 11:49:47 +0100 BST

Alchemy appears to be in the plugin section of Albeton live although I haven't investigated much further as I've mainly bean using Reaktor Silverwood and Reason 4 with my Pico with good results!


written by: carvingCode

Fri, 15 Oct 2010 11:10:28 +0100 BST

Rewire capability may be an appropriate substitute for AUs on Windows.

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