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Pico: How to send MIDI OUT on Pico?

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written by: aaronw

Hi all,

We are going to do some research into this and we will get back to you when we find any information.


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written by: carvingCode

Sat, 16 Oct 2010 02:24:12 +0100 BST

I'm unsure what I need to do to send MIDI out via the Pico. I have selected key 16, but no MIDI is being picked up by any of the apps I use. Note: I'm using the latest WIndows EigenD software.

I've tried running MIDI Ox to see what's coming thru but it says there's no MIDI in port. Reason can't find the Pico when I tell it to search for a MIDI device.

Would appreciate advice.


Randy Brown

written by: steveelbows

Mon, 18 Oct 2010 15:23:10 +0100 BST

I havent used the Pico with Windows but I suspect what you need to do is create a virtual midi port using some third party software. This used to be the case on the mac too, but since macs have built in support for creating virtual midi ports, EigenD now does this automatically which makes it a lot easier. Assuming Windows doesnt have this, you need to do some stuff yourself. This thread makes mention of this and what software you can use:

Once you have a virtual midi port setup, you may well need to tell EigenD to use this midi port, and will then also need to select this port for input in your other software.

Again Im not sure what the procedure for selecting the midi port is for the Windows software, or whether it will default to using your virtual midi port once you have created one with other software (which will make this part of my instructions obsolete), but if it is the same as on the mac then here are some instructions I posted to the forum a long time ago that may do the job. I use my own way of referring to the keys but hopefully it will make some sense:

To configure midi:
Start EigenD
Start Browser by selecting it from the EigenD menu
Press the main mode key and the 4th button down on the right to access Instrument/FX control
Press top right key at same time as left 8th key to access Midi & Audio control
Press first left key and you will see a list of midi devices in the browser.
Or press second left key to see a list of audio devices in the browser
Then use pico scroll keys or mouse to select the device you want - it should end up with a green dot next to it when it is selected
You then return to play mode by pressing main mode key and one of the left keys to choose an instrument. In my example I want to control other stuff using midi so I press main mode + 8th left key. Note that you can press more than one instrument key at once to play multiple instruments simultaneously.

And just to tie my above instructions to the Quick Reference guide:

First page shows me to press main mode + R4 to get Instrument/FX control
Instrument/FX control is section 4 which tells me to press R1 + L8 to get Midi & Audio Control
Midi is section 16 which tells me to press L1 for Midi port browser or L2 for Audio port browser.

written by: Fran

Mon, 18 Oct 2010 22:19:00 +0100 BST

I am trying to do the same thing today but no luck. In windows you never have to use a third party software for this kind of things since normally the windows driver includes already a midi driver as well. You just have select the midi device on your DAW and that is all.

I bought a Pico having in mind to use it as a midi controller for a DAW in Windows 7 but the problem right now is that 1st there is no support for ASIO (although I was said that it is coming very soon) and 2nd at least me I am not able to send midi to anywhere.

I will send an email to support to see if they can help us.

written by: bl4cksun

Tue, 19 Oct 2010 01:13:56 +0100 BST

most midi controllers you plug in under windows act as a native usb midi device which is why you can control a soft synth with them. Eigend is different, it can send midi to a midi device, send audio out to an audio device, acting as a sampler and vst host. So if you had a real midi interface (even one in a usb midi controller keyboard) and an external synth it could control it.
If you are trying to drive a daw though you need a virtual midi loop back device. Do a search for loopbe, this should work and i think the 2 device version maybe free or pretty cheap.
If you want to capture the audio from eigend you will need a physcial cable from an out back to an in, or a virtual one (but I dont know of any free Windows ones).
On a mac soundflower is free for the virtual audio software and virtual midi ports come with the os.

At least thats how i think it works ;)

written by: carvingCode

Tue, 19 Oct 2010 10:35:08 +0100 BST

Thanks for heads up about LoopBe. Installed and was able to get the MIDI out to work. Seems something like this should be built into the Windows version of EigenD.

Funny thing though, when sending MIDI out, when I press key #8 the metronome starts playing. I checked the MIDI data being sent out with MIDIox and it is correct from the Pico. I sent a bug report.

written by: aaronw

Tue, 19 Oct 2010 16:23:41 +0100 BST

Hi all,

We are going to do some research into this and we will get back to you when we find any information.


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