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Help: Getting Clarinet and Cello to work on Windows 7 Home premium OS

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written by: carvingCode

@congreslab - This post has nothing to do with the title.

written by: cogreslab

Mon, 20 Feb 2012 10:45:11 +0000 GMT

I was asked these questions, following a request for help because I havent succeeded in getting clarinet and cello to work on my Pico.

In which areas would you specifically like to have more or better documentation? IN setting up the instrument from the viewpoit of an absolute beginner, and a glossary to explain all the technical terms in one place.

Your problem with the cello or clarinet sounds stra nge - did you blow into the breath pipe for the clarinet and "bow" on the strip for the cello? Yes, I did both of these during my efforts to get the instruments working.
Regarding crashes:
* Do you have these problems with the 1.4.11 version? Yes. In the middle of pressing keys I am not sure about the machine switches off. I reset it by pulling out the USB and re-inserting it.
* is this occuring with the unmodified Pico standard setup without any additional VST or AU plugins loaded? Yes.
* How much RAM does you computer have? 4Gb. now and a dedicated notebook (HP Pavilion DM1, which can lie flat on my music stand.
* do you have a special operating system configuration (e.g. did you disable the swap file)? No.
* do you have occasional crashes with most audio software? (Then it could e.g. be the audio driver). No. for example I use Audacity a lot and MoviePlus which have audio software components.

Out of curiosity: Would you be interested in buying a Basestation-like box with built in sounds and audio outputs that "just works", so you just have to connect this to your Eigenharp, switch it on, play (and optionally connect via WLAN with e.g. a tablet to modify values with a web browser based Stage web-app and to create user setups with a web-Workbench)? And would that be worth ~the price of a Pico to you (so the Pico get's two times as expensive)? (This product is not existing, just interested in whether people would like something like that - I most likely would buy that if I really like a hand full of these factory sounds.) No.. My aim is to feed the Pico into my Boss RC50 loop station, and thence to my yamaha 300 Stagepas PA.

written by: carvingCode

Mon, 20 Feb 2012 12:53:48 +0000 GMT

@congreslab - This post has nothing to do with the title.

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