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Alpha MIDI 1

This is a custom setup for the Eigenharp Alpha that ties all the playing and percussion keys directly to a MIDI output. Through the Routing Matrix, the MIDI mappings can be easily configured and it comes with a number of useful default mappings.

The Stage tab allows control over the scale, tonic, octave, MIDI channels, velocity control, pitch bend and pedal calibration.

image:alpha 4 MIDI 1 Stage.png

You can download the setup from here:

link:alpha MIDI

After unzipping the setup, you have to move the file 'alpha 4 ~ MIDI 1' to the setups directory that corresponds to the version of EigenD that you're running. For instance, if you're using EigenD 1.3.30, the directory will be '/Users/youruser/Library/Eigenlabs/1.3.30-stable/setups' on MacOSX and 'C:\Users\youruser\Documents\Eigenlabs\1.3.30-stable\setups' on Windows.

If you're interested in how this setup was built using Belcanto, you can download the scripts from Alpha MIDI 1 From Scratch.