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Capturing Audio Stream From Host

Audio from the host computer can be captured and routed into EigenD to be used as an audio source. For example, the microphone input may be captured and processed via an effect in the console mixer under the control of keys on the Eigenharp.

Configuring Mac for Audio Capture

Create an Aggregate Device using the Mac Audio MIDI Setup tool

  1. Open Audio MIDI Setup (found in Applications > Utilities) and open the Audio Window
  2. Click the '+' sign in bottom left-hand corner and select 'Create Aggregate Device'
  3. In right-hand panel select appropriate input and output devices from those shown

Start EigenD and select Aggregate Device as audio device

  1. Load a Set-Up
  2. Under EigenD > Window select Audio Settings
  3. Select Device Type: Core Audio and Device Name: Aggregate Device and click 'OK'

Add an output to the audio agent

  • In Workbench : click small '+' in top corner of 'outputs' strip in 'audio 1' widget
  • or in Eigencommander : execute phrase
    1118 11 5 125 11 111
    audio 1 hey output 1 create

Configuring Windows for Audio Capture