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Do you have any other models of the Viol family as instruments, such as a Viola or Violin?

The 'Cello physical model included in the Eigenharp Pico Factory Setup 1 is actually capable of producing a violin or viola sound - it is a convolution driven model of a stick/slip Helmholtz oscillator (the way that bowed instruments work) so all one needs is a good violin or viola impulse response - there are many available on the internet.

Drop your impulse response files (in 16-bit WAV format) into the ~/Library/Eigenlabs/ImpulseResponse directory (NB: Please make sure your impulse response has the extension '.wav', otherwise the EigenD software will not recognise it). Following this, you can browse to your impulse response in the EigenBrowser by switching to the Instrument/FX control mode (as detailed in the Quick Reference Guide), then press the mode key within that mode and select the Cello control mode, then pressing the Cello impulse browse key. Your list of impulse responses should appear in the left hand browser pane, including the file(s) that you just added - you can select the file of your choice by selecting it in the browser and tapping scroll key 2.

You can use any impulse response in this format that you like - it does not have to be of a Viol body at all, it could even be the Royal Albert Hall!

For more information regarding impulse response, please see: