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Headphone and Microphone - Alpha Factory Setups

The Eigenharp Alpha has a microphone input and headphone output which you can configure within the EigenD software.

The microphone input is connected to a regular mixer channel like any other EigenD instrument. The headphone output is connected to an post-fader effect send on the console mixer.

To this end there is an advanced control mode within the Factory Alpha Setups in order to configure the microphone and headphone.

For the microphone input, you can configure:

  • Mixer channel volume
  • Mixer channel pan
  • Audio Unit FX 1 Send Level
  • Audio Unit FX 2 Send Level
  • EigenD Delay Send Level
  • Inline Audio Unit FX GUI status (show/hide)
  • Inline Audio Unit FX bypass status (bypassed/enabled)
  • Microphone type (electret, condenser or dynamic)
  • Microphone gain
  • Microphone enable

And for the headphone:

  • Headphone gain
  • Headphone enable
  • Send Level controls for each mixer channel

Controls for both microphone and headphone:

  • Console mixer browse (display mixer channels and values)
  • Microphone and Headphone display browse (display microphone and headphone parameter values)