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Music for Picos

Some pieces from around the web which can be played on a Pico

Bach minuet


Setup: Major scale, key of G.


  1. Assuming you are using instrument 3 (piano), go to Stage and the Sampler 3 tab, and set the Base Note to be -1. This ensures the melody is almost entirely on the bottom 2x4 set of notes and there is less mix-up between right/left hand and melody/bassline. In particular the tonic of the melody line, G, is key 9, played with the index finger of your lower hand.
  2. Even with one note + two full octaves there are still a few notes in this score which are too low and off the Pico's keyboard. I just missed those out, or held the previous note for longer.

Dance, by Gurlitt


Setup: Major scale, key of G


  1. Shift the octave down one, and set the Base Note to be -1 using Stage, as above. All the notes in this piece will then be available to play.

Trail of the lonesome pine


Setup: Chromatic scale, base note shifted +4 so that the first (lowest) note is E.

Please extend this wiki page with your own music choices