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Eigenharp Pico Playing Position

This page helps you adjust your Pico to give the optimum playing position for you. The vertical position & the shape of the thumb hooks, and the strap length, can all be adjusted to suit the particular playing style of the Eigenharp Pico player.

Thumb hooks


To adjust the vertical position of the thumb hooks, firstly unscrew the three screws on the back of the Pico a little until you can freely move the hook base up and down. Then, adjust until your index finger can comfortably rest on the top keys of the Pico when your thumb is under the top hook (nearest the breath pipe). When you are satisfied with the position, tighten the three screws on the back until the hook base is secure.


You can also adjust the shape of the thumb hook to fit comfortably around your thumbs. The rubber part of the hook has a bendable aluminium core that can be adjusted to suit your finger size if needed.

Please Note: This process can only be done once, as the thumb hooks themselves are not designed to be deformed more than once or twice. If you bend them more than this they can break. This is not covered by your warranty, although low cost spares will shortly be available in our online store.