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Suggested Agents to Work On

Not currently being worked on:

  • Lua Agent – Difficult
  • Vocoder - Medium (because some DSP needed)
  • Arpeggiator – Difficult – events, timing
  • Plucked string physics model - Medium but cfilter (DSP again)
  • Chord generator – Difficult – events, files
  • Http to light gateway - Easy/Medium – threading

Mathematical agents (all fairly easy):

  • Differentiator (Slope)
  • Two way momentary/toggle switch
  • Multi axis control – controlling value sets from one or two in

Development on hold:

  • Key Light (illuminate individual keys controlled by Stage/OSC automatable atoms) - Ferdinand Strixner - Reason: overlap with illuminator too big
  • Midi Key Light (illuminate keys controlled by MIDI) - Ferdinand Strixner - Reason: no demand
  • Auto Key Transposer (Two rigs using a Transposable Key Area) - Ferdinand Strixner - Reason: overlap with Fingerer too big

Agents currently being worked on:

  • Noise generator – Duncan Foster and Robin Fairey
  • Wavetable Oscillator - Dragica Kahlina (and Ferdinand Strixner)
  • VU Meter (both versions) - John Nolan and Stefan Bohne
  • Fingering - John Lambert
  • Frequency Detector - Geert Bevin
  • Data Transformer - Geert Bevin
  • Sample and Hold (including max, min and reset) - Duncan Foster
  • Voice Control - John Nolan
  • Looper - Robin Fairey
  • Intonation Helper (slowly retune to the closest halftone pitch after a given time of staying in a given small range). Can be used to play with big pitch bend ranges - Ferdinand Strixner

Finished Agents:

  • Control Voltage Generation - Geert Bevin (figured out this wasn't needed, you can just connect any agent output to a DC audio channel)
  • Tabulator - Geert Bevin